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Helping you build homes that easily acheive compliance and the new NZEB standard.

At Altherm ICF, we understand that compliance with Building Regulations and the recently imposed obligations of NZEB is crucial for you. Our Altherm ICF walls work in conjunction with complementary best-practice energy-efficient options including windows, roofs, heating systems – helping you easily achieve compliance alongside NZEB  requirements and A Ratings.

How Altherm ICF helps you make the grade for compliance and NZEB – in detail


Our Altherm ICF structure complies with the Building Regulations for U-Values and thermal bridging. The low U-Value of Altherm ICF walls is easily achieved on site as the insulation is built in, also acting as a permanent shutter for the concrete core. As well as delivering a certified U-Value of < 0.20W/m2K, for our Altherm ICF 150 and 200mm core walls, average area weighted U-values (Um) of <0.18W/m2K can be easily achieved.

Thermal Bridging

Thermal Bridging has a dramatic effect on the performance of your building and is specifically required as part of Part L, Building Regulations. With our very low thermal bridging factor of 0.04, our walls are designed to reduce energy loss through the building envelope.

Our custom-designed cavity closer works with our system to eliminate cold bridging around window and door openings. PSI values measure heat loss around these thermal bridging junctions and certified psi values factored into the DEAP calculations for Part L are included in the Altherm ICF Irish Agrément Certificate.

Air Tightness

Altherm’s ICF provides a fully sealed system and due to the continuous concrete core, leakages do not occur. Any gaps in the structure that might compromise air tightness are eliminated. Altherm structures deliver air tightness levels of less than 2m3/m2.h @50kpa and current building regulations require <5m3/m2.h @50kpa.

Fire & Sound

By providing a two-hour fire rating Altherm products are fire-resistant to very high standards. In terms of sound, high sound insulation can be achieved without additional membranes or insulation. Once cast, the concrete core integrates with the ICF to provide superior sound insulation exceeding soundproofing requirements (>53dB).

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Meeting your compliance goals is now an integral part of modern construction project management. Need expert advice on how Altherm ICF will help you comply with the latest building regulations?

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ICF is a fast and efficient way to achieve a well-insulated structure with reduced thermal bridging at critical junctions.

The construction process is not complicated by multiple overlapping trades completing work at different stages allowing straightforward site supervision and confidence in certification.