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Helping you build homes that comply with Building Regulations and achieve NZEB. Plus, improve your program by at least 30%.

Altherm ICF System

The Altherm ICF System is a modern method of construction that helps you to build better, more comfortable and energy efficient homes, faster. Learn more…


Alongside compliance, it was speed of build...​

“For us, one of the major factors, alongside compliance, was speed of build. The mindset change of bringing a house from green field to sealed envelope within 2 weeks really made up our minds on Altherm ICF.”

Robert Finn, Construction Director

Capcon Building built 27 houses in County Kildare in 2019/20

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ICF is a fast and efficient way to achieve a well-insulated structure with reduced thermal bridging at critical junctions.

“The construction process is not complicated by multiple overlapping trades completing work at different stages allowing straightforward site supervision and confidence in certification.”
Richard Callaghan Senior Architectural Technologist

Delphi Design Architects and Planners

DBFL Engineers

Fast, economical, safe and durable

“With established construction details and an end product that is essentially a very robust reinforced concrete wall, DBFL have found ICF to be construction method that is fast and economical and produces safe and durable structures.”
Paul M. Forde, Chairman

DBFL Consulting Engineers

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