Altherm ICF System

Everything you need to know about our ICF products and system

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ICF products can help you

Build faster and be more productive

Highly efficient building is crucial. Using our product, a team can erect a pair of semi-detached houses from foundation to apex in approximately 12 days, substantially shortening programme time. Walls can be done in all weather and logistics is not an issue as our factory is only hours away from any construction site in Ireland.

Reduce Costs

Controlling build costs is always a major project concern. Minimal wastage means Altherm ICF houses are built very competitively and assembly crews can be trained easily to handle any potential skills shortages.

Stay compliant

Altherm ICF meets the highest standards in quality and NZEB compliance, and contributes significantly to achieving NZEB and A ratings for finished houses. Homes built with Altherm regularly exceed soundproofing standards of >53db and easily surpass air-tightness levels of 3ac/h.

Maximise Health and Safety on-site

Safety can never be taken lightly in our industry and Altherm ICF offers many advantages. It is light and easy-to-handle and requires only half the number of block-layers required onsite. And with no heavy machinery like cranes needed to move ICF around the site, this also significantly reduces the risk of on-site injury.

Maintain quality and prioritise energy efficiency

Optimum air-tightness and soundproofing is easily achieved with Altherm ICF while our proprietary cavity closers can eliminate cold bridging around window and door openings. In an era of carbon footprints and consumer energy awareness, house buyers are always looking to decrease energy usage and spend less on fuel.

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The mindset change of bringing a house from green field to sealed envelope within 2 weeks really made up our mind on the product.

How it works, in brief

For a more detailed breakdown check out a typical building process using ICF.

Insulated Concerte Formwork Altherm ICF Ireland


Our hollow block wall system is made of flame-retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS). The blocks are comprised of two EPS panels, which are connected by polypropylene webs which provide a core thickness between the EPS panels of either 150mm or 200mm.​


During construction, the hollow blocks are stacked in rows, and the cavity within is filled with concrete to form the wall and the load bearing structure of the building.

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Ready to pour concrete with ICF and cavity closers

Cavity Closers

Around openings like doors or windows, the cavity is formed by fitting our unique Altherm ICF cavity closers. Significantly decreases thermal bridging levels.

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ICF wall to apex

Highly Insulated

Once the concrete has set, a concrete wall is formed. And this poured wall then retains the Altherm ICF EPS insulation on both sides, delivering further efficiencies.